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Resurfacing Works

Perusing my Facebook feed, I came across this link for a story on an author that almost became forgotten. Thanks to Russ Linton, local author, for reposting it and turning me on to a new author whose books I can’t wait to track down.

The Disappearance of John M. Ford –

John M. Ford in 1987.
Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by David Dyer-Bennet.


Girls Who Shred

Thanks to 91x, an independent radio station in San Diego, for bringing this video up. It’s an article that posted on Global Citizen in 2017 about girls in India who skateboard.

Skateboarding is not normally an all-male sport in other countries and Atita Verghese of Girl Skate India uses it to help break down gender walls in her country. In fact, twelve female skateboarders from nine different countries crossed India in 2016 teaching skateboarding and empower other Indian girls.

WILD BEASTS – ALPHA FEMALE from Sasha Rainbow on Vimeo

I always like to show my daughter great stories or videos about girls everywhere who break social norms and this one is awesome. Hopefully, it inspires her and other girls to go out and do the same!