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Watching: The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian connects with the Baby Yoda (for lack of a better name.)

I don’t really know of anyone who isn’t a geek that isn’t watching The Mandalorian right now. Episode three just dropped this morning and it’s awesome. We see that a Mandalorian can be tough and sensitive and that they have each other’s backs. For eight dollars a month, you really can’t beat the Disney Plus subscription and access to all of the Star Wars, Marvel and Disney properties.

If you aren’t watching it, why not? Let me know in the comments.


Celestial Wonders

Being born in the middle to late years of the Space Race, I was enthralled with NASA and going into outer space. I remember watching the later Apollo missions launch and splash down as I got older. Amateur astronomy was a favorite hobby of mine and I can still recall the telescope that I got for Christmas one year.

This was serious stuff and my grandmother helped fuel that with a subscription to Astronomy magazine and a membership in the Planetary Society. One of the first books that I read was The Stars by H. A. Rey, the creator of Curious George. It’s probably geared toward twelve and up but if you have a precocious kid, I’m sure they will get something out of it as well. Armed with this and my sky chart, The Night Sky. It’s a wheel chart that I received when I took a physics course at the local college in sixth grade. I wore both of these items out while braving the chilly winter nights with a crick in my neck.

What got me to thinking about all of this was the events coming up this week in your local night sky. First, Mercury joins the morning sky after crossing the face of the sun only a week ago. That’s Thursday Nov. 21st.

Then Saturday and Sunday evenings you can find Venus and Jupiter getting cozy together just after sunset with Saturn watching nearby.

Both of these sights can be enjoyed with the naked eye or a inexpensive pair of binoculars. I had a large telescope but downsized due to it being a bear to move. Most of the time though I use binoculars.

The links below will give you some places to go for more sky watching info. Enjoy!

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