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Halloween Comic Fest 2019

There are two holidays that we get excited about in comic retailing and one is Free Comic Book Day in May. The other is just around the corner and that holiday is Halloween Comic Fest! Both days are celebrated with specially branded comic books that are free on that day. Most shops allow you to choose a set number of comics, which are available for all ages, or you can choose as many as you want. Some shops have costume contests and give away candy, but rest assured, you’ll have a great time.

Halloween Comic Fest has never really taken off like Free Comic Book Day has and that is probably because it has to share the hype with the day of Halloween. This year the day falls on the Saturday before Halloween, October 26th.

Below are links to help you celebrate and watch on our other media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for other links.

Halloween Comic Fest Main Website

HCF Costume Contest

Free Comics Available on Halloween Comic Fest 2019