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All Good Things . . .

In a surprise posts (at least to me) on Facebook, Chris Latshaw of the North Texas Comic Book Shows stated that he is “hanging up his spurs.” I am saddened by this because his shows were always a true congregation of comic creators and comic lovers. Though I have not attended in the last few years, I used to be a vendor at the show well before I actually sold comics.

He’s stated that there will not be a summer show and he still doesn’t know if he’ll do another next February, but I’m hoping that he’ll slide in one more so that we can say good-bye in style!


It has been a great run but I am beginning to think it is time to wind down. I have thought about this before but then a few of you will come up to me at the show and tell me how much you appreciate what we’ve built. The comments are always sincere and meaningful so it has been the catalyst to doing one more.

When I say what we’ve built I mean YOU and me. You folks have been the greatest! Your attendance and support of the North Texas Comic Book Show has truly made it what it is today. My appreciation for you as a fan cannot be properly expressed. The show has become a nationally recognized regional event and has a great reputation among the creator community.

The show, as it stands today, has surpassed anything I thought it would become when I got it up and running. The guests that we have been able to host have been a virtual who’s who of comics. Where it will go from here is yet to be decided. If someone emerges that wants to carry the torch forward then it may continue. Honestly, I’d hate to see the show die but I may not be capable of carrying it forward.

I will not be doing a summer show as I shared with a few of you this past weekend. I have not decided about doing another February show yet. I may try and blow it out one last time. I’ll keep you updated.



Halloween Comic Fest 2019

There are two holidays that we get excited about in comic retailing and one is Free Comic Book Day in May. The other is just around the corner and that holiday is Halloween Comic Fest! Both days are celebrated with specially branded comic books that are free on that day. Most shops allow you to choose a set number of comics, which are available for all ages, or you can choose as many as you want. Some shops have costume contests and give away candy, but rest assured, you’ll have a great time.

Halloween Comic Fest has never really taken off like Free Comic Book Day has and that is probably because it has to share the hype with the day of Halloween. This year the day falls on the Saturday before Halloween, October 26th.

Below are links to help you celebrate and watch on our other media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for other links.

Halloween Comic Fest Main Website

HCF Costume Contest

Free Comics Available on Halloween Comic Fest 2019

Spooky Spectacle Hits Ft. Worth

What started as the Granbury Paranormal Expo has been transformed into the Spooky Spectacle which brings us a small Pet Sematary reunion. That’s right, actors Dale Midkiff and Miko Hughes who played Louis and Gage Creed in the 1989 movie will be in attendance as well as other actors, comic book artists, movie producers and cosplayers.

Two of the highlights for me are the inclusion of my Navy buddy and author Tom Bont and the wonder dog Tugg the Bull Terrier!

Tom Bont came to our shop a few years back to introduce us to his brand of werewolves with Howlers: Lupus Rex. Hollingsworth is the fourth book in that series and follows FBI agent Angela Hollingsworth as she is introduced to this supernatural world.

Author Tom Bont

Tugg the Bull Terrier is another friend that we look forward to seeing at the show. He and his owners, Blake and Kim Ovard, came to our shop and met with old fans and made new ones. He’ll be doing the same at the show and we hope you get a chance to meet him.

Blake Ovard and Tug the Bull Terrier

If you do go, be sure and share your photos with us on our Facebook page!