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Thoughts on Elvis Presley

Forty-two years ago. I had turned nine only days before. I sat and watched my mama cry like she had lost her best friend. Elvis Presley was and still is, to me, the King of Rock and Roll. I grew up listening to not only the rock but also his gospel music and to this day, I get a euphoric feeling listening to it. Today, he has been gone as many years as he lived and yet he still lives on.

I make sure that my daughter hears his music and understands where he came from not only geographically but also musically, finding videos about the old blues singers of the South and the singers who were experimenting such as Big Mama Thornton who first recorded Hound Dog in 1952.

So, Elvis, I remember you and thank you for the music.

What do you remember of Elvis, if you’re old enough and if you’re not, do you know who is is?

Remembering Elvis Presley on ABC News


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