Absolute Carnage Arrives This Week!

So the Absolute Carnage story line was introduced a few months back and it’s beginnings can be traced back to the 80’s when Spider-man first came in contact with the black suit in Secret Wars. Now, here we are almost 35 years later and Donny Cates (native of Garland, Texas) has tied a lot of things together to give us Absolute Carnage. Issue #1 hits Wednesday.

Here are a few links and video to give you more of a idea of what it’s about and of course, there is the obligatory photo of Donny visiting me and my friends at our shop in Garland.

Absolute Carnage Reading Order – Comic Book Herald

Absolute Carnage: All You Need to Know About Marvel’s Deadly Summer Event – CBR.com

Absolute Carnage is a five issue series with issue #1 coming in at 60 pages for $7.99. Make sure to place your orders with your FLCS (favorite local comic shop) to make sure that you don’t miss an issue.

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